“A Love Letter to Football” at Cargo Hall

“A Love Letter to Football” at Cargo Hall

Wednesday June 6th saw the 3rd Annual ‘Love Letter to Football’ at Cargo Hall. An afternoon of storytelling, drinks and most importantly, fundraising.

The sold out event, begun by 3AW‘s Ross Stevenson, was created with men in mind, specifically, prostate cancer. Love Letter to Football has ultimately been about getting the football public involved around the passion for the game while donating all proceeds from tickets, raffles and auctions towards prostate cancer treatment and research. And today’s line up was one worth seeing.

A range of speakers including Melbourne’s new Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, Triple M’s Jane Kennedy, Stand up comedian Lehmo and even award winning cartoonist Mark Knight. Personal anecdotes of romance, family and friends were told; with the distinctly familiar question “What team do you go for?” heard throughout. There was not a face in the room without a smile, amongst which included more familiar faces with comedian Dave Thornton, race car legend Mark Skaife and advertising mogul Russel Howcroft.

Auctioned items included signed footballs, holidays and private yacht cruises. Totalling over $10,000 in money raised for The Australian Prostate Centre.

The closer and perhaps star of the show was Radio and TV personality Sam Pang. Again beginning his story with a tale close to home playing football as a young man, soon though gathering the full attention of the audience. A reminder of the racial undertones that were and are still prevalent, Sam gripped the room before finally releasing the tension with a well placed punchline that left every one laughing.

Cargo Hall is the perfect blank canvas for any event you can think of while maintaining that core personality a good venue needs, for more information click here.


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