Creative Conferencing at the South Wharf Precinct

Creative Conferencing at the South Wharf Precinct

As a part of continuing AIME events, the Showtime Event Group down at South Wharf precinct was host to an exciting day of creative conferencing.

C2, founded in 2011 by Cirque Du Soleil and Sid Lee is a group that focuses on bringing together the creative arts and business in order to foster the development of creative ideas. As a taster leading up to C2 Melbourne later this year, Showtime hosted a day of innovative corporate activities.

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world” – John le Carré. Creative Conferencing is taking the world by storm! “Unexpected environments lead to unexpected ideas,” says Antoine Roy-Larouche, who leads the team in charge of labs and other collaborative experiences. “By putting their bodies in unusual situations, participants get out of their heads.” Creative Conferencing is all about thinking outside the box, getting outside those four walls and creating new ideas and new ways to think and communicate.

The day included keynote speeches from those in the creative business fields, an excellent breakfast service and lunch buffet but most importantly; the C2 activities designed to stimulate conversation and a sense of youthful exuberance.

Guests were welcome in the morning by Karen Bolinger from the Melbourne Convention Bureau, followed by Brad Dabbs and Troy Stasinowsky from Showtime Event Group.
The keynote speakers were:

Martin Enault – C2 International
Carolyn Miller – The Honeycomb Effect
Melissa Kaplan – Microsoft
and Peter Jones from Peter Jones Special Events being the MC for the morning.

The activities included an adult ball-pit and a dark room created to encourage uninhibited discussion with a partner you cannot see.

Four separate spaces were utilised for this event at South Wharf including The Common Man, Meat Market, Bohemian Wine Bar, The Common Lawn and Showtime Event Centre. Opening these venues up together created a joint and coherent space for the attendees to freely move around and enjoy.