About Showtime


Beginning with Showtime Events Centre in 2011, still our flagship venue to this day. When the South Wharf promenade was just gaining prominence as a new destination in Melbourne, next to Southbank and looking over the city skyline.

With the growing success of Showtime Events Centre, 2013 saw the opening of Cargo Hall. A sister venue on the promenade that tied subtly paid homage to its maritime roots. The subsequent years saw a refinement of food, service, and respect within the industry until 2018 came along and the next major step was taken.


The adoption of the historic Old Melbourne Gaol as an event space with the National Trust offered clients a location unlike any other, housing the Former City Watch House, Old Magistrates Court, and Alumni Courtyard. Providing us the first opportunity at selling and creating incredibly unique events.

All of these steps lead to Showtime Event Group being appointed to the State Library Victoria as their exclusive event partner, near completion of their enormous $88.1 million Vision 2020 redevelopment. Where some of Melbourne’s most historic and exciting event spaces will soon be available, including the much anticipated Ian Potter Queen’s Hall.


Now, in 2020 the family continues to grow.

Heritage warehouses to grand halls, creative conference rooms to large seminar spaces. There is a venue, a team and a catered package that suits your needs.

There is much more to come within the next year and Showtime Event Group looks forward to sharing it with you soon. Your guests take centre stage with Showtime Event Group.

“We are the embodiment of the warmth and hospitality for which Melbourne is internationally renowned. People always say think outside the box, but the truth is, we were never in the box to begin with. We stay on-trend, we know what’s in, and we understand the market.”