“Experience” The Gaol at Your Event

“Experience” The Gaol at Your Event

The Old Melbourne Gaol is one of the richest locations in Australia, filled with history and endless stories.

From Ned Kelly to Ghost Tours, take a look at the experiences that you can add to your event at the Old Melbourne Gaol for a truly unique experience.

Such A Life – The story of Ned Kelly live

Hear the rise and fall of Australia’s most famed outlaw as told by the people directly involved. This two-person play describes the life of Ned Kelly and his family in an enthralling half-hour of passion, injustice and a few laughs. All while seated in the Gaol, where the man himself spent his last days and was (spoiler alert) subsequently hanged.

30 Minutes for up to 30 guests – Recommended as pre-event entertainment.

Such A Life – The Ned Kelly Story

Ghosts – A tour of the Gaol’s paranormal phenomena

The Gaol is full of stories about mysterious interactions and unexplained forces. Go on a journey with the Old Melbourne Gaol’s resident ghost tour expert and learn about its history while trying not to get the chills as you make up your own mind about what can, or what can’t be explained by rational understanding. Make up your own mind on this intriguing addition to an event.

10 minutes to 1 hour for up to 20 guests at a time. Flexible timings can be arranged for mid-event tours.

Ghost Tours Old Melbourne Gaol Experiences
Ghost Tours

The Hangman – Historic & harrowing tales from the executioner

With over 100 hangings, and many more lashings, the Gaol was a place of true terror during the 1800’s. Learn about its grim history with the Hangman taking you around this living museum, from the crammed cell-blocks to the hanging rope and everything in-between.

30 – 45 minutes. Flexible timings can be arranged for mid-event tours.

The Hangman’s Night Tour

A Night in the Watch House – An Interactive Experiences in Lockup

Experience the Former City Watch House with flair. The cities last cellblock that operated up until 1994, A Night in the Watch House is the best way to not only learn, but live, the life of a prisoner within. Adopt your character where you’ll be arrested, charged, processed and locked-up (with a few exciting surprises).

45 minutes – 1 hour. Recommended as a pre-event experience, pending availability.

A Night in the Watch House

These experiences can be added to your events at the Old Melbourne Gaol’s to add an interactive and exciting element that will leave guests entertained and educated. Learn more by enquiring about your next event and choose which experience is right for your guests with your dedicated event producer.

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