Ghost’s, The Hangman & Lockup | Gaol Experiences

Ghost’s, The Hangman & Lockup | Gaol Experiences

The Old Melbourne Gaol is a historic landmark located in the heart of the city, the perfect venue for those event organisers looking for an entirely unique space with curated experiences on offer to create an unforgettable evening. Turn a gala dinner or cocktail event into evening your guests will discuss for weeks to come.

Start your evening off with some excitement. Arrive at the steps of the Former City Watch House on Russell Street, “greeted” by the sergeant and processed before being locked away!

Enter the Former City Watch House for “The Lock-Up Experience”

“The Watch House Experience” is the best way to get your guests involved from the get-go. Warn them about what they’re in for, or don’t, it’s all a part of the fun. Just make sure the guards don’t take away your drinks as contraband. Have attendees move through this pre-dinner experience with canapes and cocktails as a warm-up to their immersive dining evening.

If your event consists of an intimate dinner looking for that extra element then “Such A Life” is the event entertainment for you. Take a seat before your event begins and listen to the story of Ned Kelly from himself, his family and his enemies during this interactive two-person play. This impassioned performance gives great perspective within the walls of the Gaol and provides a few good laughs along the way before settling in for an elegant gala dinner.

Lively and loud, live the story of Ned Kelly with “Such A Life”

If a cocktail party is more your style then we suggest injecting some fear into your guests evening. “Ghost’s? What Ghost’s” is a haunting experience led by one of the Gaol’s resident paranormal tour guides, the best part is that it can be curated to fit any event. While guests dance below, groups are taken to the top levels of the Gaol where the spookiest phenomenon are said to occur. Hear the stories of the supernatural and unexplained occurrences, it’s bound to leave even the biggest doubters questioning their beliefs.

Ghost Tours Old Melbourne Gaol Experiences
Take on the paranormal during a Ghost Tour

Finally, for another great mid-event experience, go on a journey of harrowing tales with the “Hangman’s Tour”. Learn about the real-life executions, lashings and past prisoners that inhabited the Gaols bluestone walls. Guests are taken to the upper levels in groups and shown around to learn about the lives and punishments prisoners endured at the hands of the hangman.

Dark tales are told during the “Hangman’s Tour”

From the cells that housed over twenty people at once to the cat-o-nine-tales used to punish prisoners.

All of the Gaols unique experiences can be created and curated to fit your event. Whether it’s an immersive dining event or a high-energy cocktail party, the additions available at the Gaol are unlike any other and are sure to leave guests with fond (or fearful) memories.

 Discuss the addition of the Old Melbourne Gaol experiences with our Event Coordinators to cater an experience package to your event specifications.

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