Make the Gaol House Rock

Make the Gaol House Rock

Melbourne’s most unique and historic location is also the most interesting event space this city has to offer.

The Old Melbourne Gaol is an event’s location consisting of two cell blocks that make up this event precinct that can be used individually or together. Take a look at the event possibilities at the Gaol.

Gala Dinners

High-end dinners are the perfect style of event within this brilliantly antiquated venue, being one of the best ways to utilize the main gaol block and getting your guests talking.

The long hall of the main Gaol wing offers a perfect setting for tables laid end to end down the length of the venue, with the former cells lining the ground floor and the levels above. A living museum, cells are filled with information and exhibits illustrating the spaces previous life.

The essence of the venue remains while minor styling brings it into the modern-day, or any other era your event requires.

The Old Melbourne Gaol main cell block


Cocktail Party’s

Turn the lights down, bring the DJ in and get the drinks flowing. Bring some energy back into the Gaol by kicking off a cocktail party. With some lounge furniture and some up-lights, the Gaol suddenly feels like an underground party from behind the iron curtain.

Pepper in some of Showtime Event Group’s world-class canapes and you’ve got all the ingredients for an event with flair you’ll not easily forget.

The tiered cell block walkways above are perfect for entertainment


Immersive Dining

Enter the Former City Watch House for processing, pass through the hallways and taken to your cells before being broken into the respective exercise yards at this facility used up until the ’90’s.

Fortunately, it’s all in the name of fun, get guests to don orange jumpsuits and served ‘slop’ or get dressed up and make it a seated dinner amongst the lock-up cells.

The men’s ‘exercise yard’ is the real-deal


Make It Large

If you’re looking for a big event, over multiple spaces, with both indoor and outdoor options, in the heart of the city, this is it. Bring together hundreds of guests for evening events using the Old Melbourne Gaol, Alumni Courtyard, Former City Watch House and Old Magistrates Court. Few locations like this exist, let alone in the CBD, make use of every space by activating each one your way.

Offer food stations and cocktails in the Gaol, an arrival space and band in the (huge) courtyard and have a DJ behind the bars of the former men’s rec-room for the late-night rave. The options really are endless and only limited by your imagination.

The Alumni Courtyard serves as the open-air connecting points of the Gaol and Watch House


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