Staying Safe with Showtime Event Group

Staying Safe with Showtime Event Group

As we excitedly start to re-open our venues at Showtime Event Group, we want to ensure our attendees that we have taken several measures to guarantee the safety and well-being of our guests and staff.

Updated capacities

Each of our venues now has updated capacities to meet the requirements of a 4sqm rule as stipulated by government guidelines. The number of patrons allowed in a venue is regularly reviewed, based on the venues physical size.

Reviewed Floor Plans

Our dedicated Event producers will work with clients to create a floor plan that optimises social distancing and reduce touchpoints.

Considerations include;

  • Government limit of guests per table
  • Physical spaces between tables
  • Opening of internal doors to reduce touchpoints
  • Positioning of hand sanitiser stations
  • Individual entry and exit points
  • Spacing dots in front of bars, bathrooms, and throughout the venue

Capturing Details

Each event, Showtime Event Group will capture the names and details of all guest attendees arriving in site

We capture this data through an online form filled out by event attendees prior to their arrival

Guests who have not provided this information will not be allowed on site

Food Service

Based on your event, we will work with you to design a menu that works.

  • Self-serve buffet, water and cutlery stations will not be permitted. Instead, this will all be table service or individually packaged
  • Bar service will be discouraged
  • Shared side dishes will not be permitted
  • Shared condiments will be removed from the tables and provided individually on request

Education and Awareness

All Showtime Event Group staff will complete industry accredited training

All guests will receive a copy of the venue Bio Safety Measures Booklet

Showtime Event Group will display additional signage on hygiene and safety measures in prominent places throughout the venue to include;

  • A sign at each entry advising maximum capacity
  • Information about the symptoms of COVID -19
  • Hygiene and physical distancing practices
  • Signage in bathroom washing areas

At all events

Showtime Event Group will provide a dedicated COVID Safe Marshall who will be positioned outside the venue to oversee the admission of guests and staff onsite and then they will be enforcing social distancing throughout the event.

Each event will be required to conduct a House Keeping speech once guests are seated to cover;

  • Identification of the COVID Safe Marshall to address any concerns to
  • Social distancing rules
  • Location of sanitiser and information stations
  • Food service measures in place

Together we are looking forward to restarting our industry as we follow the guidelines in place.