We began 8 years ago opening Showtime Events Centre, and then added Cargo Hall in 2013. The plan was always to extend the group with a catering arm and be known in Melbourne as an established event caterer. In 2018 we reached a stage in our journey where we proudly released a series of unique spaces exclusive to Showtime Event Group.

Our collection of venues include some well-known, and some obscure spaces made up of art galleries, car parks, wineries, microbreweries, yacht clubs and distilleries. We’ve also scouted a collection of outdoor spaces in parks, gardens and beaches that we are able to cater at.

Your guests take centre stage with Showtime Event Group. Our award winning operations team ensure that each guest receives the VIP treatment. We are the embodiment of the warmth and hospitality for which Melbourne is internationally renowned. People always say think outside the box, but the truth is, we were never in the box to begin with.

We stay on trend, we know what’s in, and we understand the market.